Divide and Conquer

Next week, the Humane Society of the United States will be holding a meeting in Lincoln, NE to undoubtedly start their meddling in welfare of animals in the State of Nebraska.  This organization is in no way related to your local Humane Societies here that are now changing their names to disassociate themselves from HSUS.  Nobody asked them to come here, but they have decided to come here anyway and are going to be introduced by a Nebraska cattle rancher from Litchfield who raises grass fed, natural beef.  I see nothing wrong with his prodution process and the reasons he chose to take that path, but I do have a problem when all of a sudden everybody else’s production system is wrong.  Use you ability to raise beef in that manner as an advantage in a niche market, don’t force it on everyone else.

It is ironic that a cattle rancher who will ultimately suffer from the HSUS agenda would introduce them to our state and our agricultural leaders.  Their goal is not animal welfare, it is the elimination of all food animal production. They do not care if you are natural, organic, etc.  They want a vegan society.   They use dogs and cats as a front to raise millions of dollars to fight family farmers here is the U.S.A raising the cheapest and safest food in the world.  They intend to divide and conquer, and the gentleman from Litchfield is the beginning of their quest.

I am a grain producer, but my largest market is the cattle, and hog industry right here in Nebraska, which also is the largest economic driver in this state.  If you are a farmer and you think your customer is the local elevator and the local ethanol plant, you better go back and take Farming 101 and pull your head out of the sand.  HSUS has a goal to regulate the animal agriculture community to the point that it is not profitable to raise animals for food, and that eliminates the majority of the market for my products.

Ask the equine community here in the United States what effect HSUS has had on their profitablility and ability to operate.  The Argentinians love us as they are now exporting horse meat to the markets we used to dominate and have a whole new income source thanks to HSUS.

So, the question here in Nebraska is, are all ag groups going to unite and fight off this challenge of the way animals are cared for in this state, or are we going to let a 127 million dollar a year activist group come in and tell us the correct way to care for animals that are raised for food?  If history is any indication, I would be willing to bet some ag groups here sit on the sidelines and let a few groups fund the fight saying it is not our problem and start the debate on size of farms during the process.  Hence the “Divide and Conquer” will be achieved.   I hope and pray we all fight the fight together and I am proved wrong.  To see the real story of animal ag production here in Nebraska visit the AFAN website.

Author: Ryan

Self-employed farmer raising the worlds food, feed, fiber, and fuel.

3 thoughts on “Divide and Conquer”

  1. I live in California where HSUS passed Prop 2 which was only supposed to require chickens to have enough room to extend all of their limbs and to turn around. As soon as it was passed by voters, HSUS swept in and demanded that all chickens be kept cage-free – even though Prop 2 does not require it.

    States outside California immediately began vying for the California egg market by luring our traditional egg farmers away to places where the legislative climate was more friendly to agri-business.

    HSUS then bullied our eco-Governor (insert eye roll) to sign a bill forcing all eggs sold in California to be raised in accordance with the HSUS mandated standard of being cage free.

    Eggs are now $2/dozen for traditionally raised eggs, $3.50/dozen for “cage free”, $5/dozen for “free range”, and I’ve seen niche-market “pasture raised” eggs go for $7/dozen or more. There there’s the cost of every single food product that contains eggs – bread is approaching $4/loaf. Food manufacturers and agri-producers are now leaving the state and contributing to some of the highest unemployment in the nation.

    HSUS doesn’t care. Their sole goal is the complete and total eradication of all animal agriculture.

    1. Thanks for the comment Therese. The economic effect on agriculture in California is an unfortunate effect of Prop 2. I hope the populace here in the State of Nebraska is much better informed and educated as to the great care farmers and Ranchers have for the animals they raise.

  2. Thank you for this informative and truthful post about HSUS. So many people just “don’t get it” and can’t see the harm that HSUS can do in Nebraska and for agriculture across the U.S. Please keep up the posts!

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