Our Farm Week In Pictures 2-7-2012

This is a new pivot they have laid out to construct on one of our farms. This is an early February picture and we still have no frost in the ground. The next picture below is only 2 days later. Winter finally decided to arrive here.

Same pivot on the ground two days later.

One of my daughters helping me do some work on the sprayer. This is the daughter that sang a song called "combine" set to the tune of Rawhide a few years back while we were harvesting popcorn.

Here is the link to her singing in the combine a few years ago.  https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1413559700969  I was doing video updates of harvest in the field to post to Twitter.

The snow accumulation on our back deck in the most recent storm. We got 11+ inches of snow with 30-40 mph winds. It ended up being a weaker storm in our area than they were predicting. It was a heavy snow with a good amount of rain beforehand. We needed the moisture here.

Author: Ryan

Self-employed farmer raising the worlds food, feed, fiber, and fuel.

2 thoughts on “Our Farm Week In Pictures 2-7-2012”

  1. Our ground never really froze so far this winter. We haven’t been able to go out and clean fence rows or pick up downed trees and limbs we worked around this fall. Just a couple snows not worth writing home about. It’s going to be spring before winter even gets started.

    1. Brian, this has been one of the oddest winters I have been around. Getting small amounts of snow has happened, but we have really been worm this winter. Changing now though. Low of 3 degrees tomorrow morning is the forecast. We were dry last fall also but spring rains helped us out enormously. Will be interesting to see what weather pattern we hit here in a couple months. I planted the 10th of april last year, only two months from now.

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