Farm Week In Pictures 7/31/2011

This is a quick update of what we have going on right now.  We have been super busy with irrigation, spraying, mowing, etc.        
This is a view from the end of a corner tower pivot. It was stuck at the time and I was running it from the top as we got it out of the creek bed.
This is one of our wells powered by electricity. It runs on 480 volts. We pump around 1100 gallons per minute on this well. It is a gravity farm where we run the water in between the rows to the end of the field.
This is the water running down those rows of corn.
My son and his two buddies in our soybean field on our home place. For perspective they are all around 4 foot tall.

Author: Ryan

Self-employed farmer raising the worlds food, feed, fiber, and fuel.

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