View from the planter


This is a view from the tractor.  We are currently planting corn into last years soybean stubble.  This is a no-till field.  We are using GPS guidance on the tractor to steer through the field.  All seed is prescription based on prior years data and our ability to irrigate.

Irrigated ground is planted at 34,000 plants per acre and non-irrigated is at 24,000 plants per acre. 

We plant around 28 acres per hour when running.  When you take into account fill time that drops to around 25.

Happy planting season to everyone!

Author: Ryan

Self-employed farmer raising the worlds food, feed, fiber, and fuel.

2 thoughts on “View from the planter”

    1. I have been using prescriptions for around 7 years. They work the best for separating our irrigated and non-irrigatred on our pivots. I do bump the rates in drains, and mess around with some variations throughout on some fields, but we run 34,000 for the most part on all irrigated.

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