Guess What This Is

Alright, here is the first piece of equipment for National Agriculture Week.  Comment on this post with your guess as to what this is.  I will approve all posts tommorrow sometime, so you will not see your comment or anyone else’s until then.  As you can see, we got a nice little snowfall last night also.

To make this more educational, I will add a detailed description of the item tomorrow including the cost of the equipment to give everyone an idea of how capital intensive agriculture has become.  Good Luck!

Author: Ryan

Self-employed farmer raising the worlds food, feed, fiber, and fuel.

5 thoughts on “Guess What This Is”

  1. Looks like a row planter, corn? Like it’s all folded up and spreads out wide. Probably costs and arm and a leg.

  2. This piece of equipment covers a 40 foot swath(16 rows spaced 30 inches apart) and can plant around 200-240 acres in a good day of planting with no interruptions. The list price of this without any options to speak of is over $120,000. I bought my first planter when I started farming (a used 6 row) for $6,500.

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